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Join Registered Therapist Allison Cordner, RTCC, RPCC for 5- 2 hour  e-counselling group support meetups online using ZOOM, a free video conferencing platform. 

The mission of the e-group support is to create a supportive, therapeutic and confidential space to share, learn and connect with other participants who may struggle with loneliness, anxiety, stress and and isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a closed group for a maximum of 5 people. 

The purpose of this document is to give you some insight to the approach we take with people and what you can expect from a counselling relationship within our support groups. All facilitators are graduates of Clearmind International Institute in the three year Practitioners for life program and hold a Transpersonal Counselling Psychology Diploma. Allison Cordner #2517 registered member of ACCT, (Association of Cooperative Counseling Therapists of Canada) & CPCA #4113 (Canadian Professional Counselling Association).

From our personal understandings, education and experiences we work from several perspectives that include Family Systems, Cognitive, Experiential and Transpersonal orientations. We will address thinking, feelings and support actions applicable to your life. We may discuss your family history and how you fit into it, in a positive and non-productive manner. We will encourage you to (but not forced) to take risks, to uncover thoughts, feelings and experiences that you may not normally share. We will do our best to answer any questions about processes we may encounter to help you gain insight and have a new experience to issues you may want to address in your life. Our therapeutic philosophy is transpersonal, which means we operate from a non-religion, but spiritual paradigm. In essence we believe we are greater than our human personal life experiences and that we have a tremendous potential for growth, peace and happiness. If you want we may explore your own personal beliefs and how they are relevant to you and your life.

Therapy can be challenging both mentally and emotionally. You may feel uncomfortable at times and may feel worse before you feel better. These feelings can be overwhelming at times as you seek to understand yourself in light of information that may come up during sessions.

To get the most out of your counselling experience, we suggest the following: talk with family and friends about what you have learned without breaking confidentiality within the group. Talk about your experiences without divulging any- thing that may identify others in your group. Take therapy home with you and ap- ply where applicable in order to avoid isolating yourself from others that are important to you.
if homework is suggested, do it, so as to get the most out of therapy
take risks as you will get the most out of what you put the most into

All of the information that we share is strictly confidential unless one of the following should occur:

The courts may subpoena my files, or I may be subpoenaed as a witness in court.

  • If I suspect cases of child abuse that have not been previously reported. This includes physical harm, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and emotional harm. In this case I am required by law to report to the Ministry for Children and Families.
  • If you threaten to harm yourself or another. In this case I am also required to re-port this to the proper authorities.

Note: These duties override all other claims of confidentiality.

It is important for you to understand that you are the primary decision-maker in the direction your therapy takes, and therefore you have the right to full and active participation in the decisions that affect you. In addition, you have certain rights, which include:

  • the right to refuse treatment.
  • the right to terminate your involvement in group therapy at any time.
  • the right to receive an appropriate referral to other resources as needed.
  • the right to accept or reject any task, exercise or procedure suggested by us.
  • the right to be made aware of the rationale, risks, benefits, alternatives, and interpretations of any and all counselling interventions.
  • the right to know your options in cases where you feel we have been negligent . In the event of a counselling crisis and you are unable to reach us please call the nearest crisis center or 1 866 531 2600 for assistance in finding your closest crisis center.

By signing below, I indicate that I have fully read, understand, and agree with the above.

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